middle school

      张露雯 15 岁


2.  LIU FANG, 17

      high school

      刘芳 17 岁



      middle school

      黄梅花  15岁


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 1-  SPONSOR a child - click on individual Special Case to join sponsorship program                                           


  2-  RESEARCH - send us information on medical treatment for amputees,

                                 prostheses fitting & training, trauma recovery counseling

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  3-  OUTREACH - tell your friends and families about our cause




 1-  招兵買馬 - 加入 512截肢兒童志工團 -  Special Cases


 2-  歡迎提供資訊以 電子郵件與我們聯絡 或在 部落格留言




 3-  讓更多人知道


We have identified amputee children who were left out by official channels of support.  Since the earthquake, we have assisted these families in getting regular medical attention and prostheses fitting as well as access to education.


Your donation will assist the medical and educational expenses of our Special Cases children. Currently Handreach, our non-profit partner, is working with one of China's best prosthetics factories to develop a mobile prosthetics unit. The plan is to staff the unit with both American and Chinese technicians so that amputee children in China can receive free pediatric prosthetics and treatment on a regular basis. We will post more details as we get closer to the scheduled operation in summer 2010.


It's been over a year since our inception and we've received generous donations and  support from around the world. From all of us  THANK YOU!

Donate to Handreach.org

Ongoing effort


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