middle school

      张露雯 15 岁


2.  LIU FANG, 17

      high school

      刘芳 17 岁



      middle school

      黄梅花  15岁


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Huang Meihua 3

Translated by Larry



Meihua is doing well these days. Her father now is a cook for Jiaguan school (where Meihua is, earning 600 Yan per month, food included), mom works in the school’s laundry room (500 per month, food not included). Meihua lives in a room in the school with her parents. The family finally could stay together, they are very happy about it. Dad and mom get along well with their new colleagues.    


Meihua studies very hard. She was one of the top three of her class in recent tests. She didn’t learn English before, so needed work more on her English. Early this month, she toured Beijing with her class. The school waived all the fees for her family. They went to many interesting places. It was an eye opening tour for her.  She also visited The French Friendship School in Beijing. Meihua’s mom often needed to carry her on her back go up and down, it was quite tiring for her.


During the winder break, she is going to The Provincial Hospital to get a new pare of prosthetic legs. I’m going to visit her before The New Year. I’ll forward your regards to her. Thank you for thinking of her.


Chengdu is not too cold, about 7-10 Celsius. We like to see snow, but there is no snow here in the winter.  


Peng Hong

512 Children's List volunteer

Chengdu, Dec. 2009











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