middle school

      张露雯 15 岁


2.  LIU FANG, 17

      high school

      刘芳 17 岁



      middle school

      黄梅花  15岁


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Huang Meihua 4













7. 2010

prosthesis video

Translated by Julia

     After the Wenchuan earthquake (in Sichuan 2008), many uncles and aunts gave me tremendous amount of support and encouragement. I know disabled children like me are invariably different from others, so we need to work hard to get ahead and earn our place in the world.

     During this past year, my life has changed greatly.  I grew up, becoming more sensible and is no longer a spoiled little girl. I want to make plans for my future. My future is in my own hands. I will bring the generous love that uncles and aunts gave me to overcome challenges, fly higher and farther. In this past round of finals, I got 92 in Language, 99 in Math, 97 in English. I didn’t do well in Language, so I need to work harder. I will be going to middle school in September, which I’m really looking forward to…

     I’d like to thank all the uncles and aunts from 512 Children’s List and American National Public Radio. Without you, I most likely will remain in the school of my hometown in Dashanli. Maybe I will remain in the small village until my old age without ever broadening my horizon and having further opportunities. But now I attend Guangya International School where I have a chance to extend my wings and fly high. My teachers and classmates have been very supportive of me and my family. The aunts and uncles from 512 Children’s List have now been a constant part of my life and supported my education. I believe as long as I work hard, there isn’t anything I can’t achieve. Recently, Ms. Zhang from Shanghai invited my mom and me to attend the World Expo in Shanghai. Thank you to all the good people for bringing me much warmth.

     I often think that everyone will face difficulties, bad luck and failure in life. I just had to face them earlier than others. Weakness, pessimism and giving up won’t change anything. Reality won’t allow me to give up so easily either. That’s why I need to face the storm head on with strength because I carry the sunshine and warmth you gave me…


Huang Meihua

July, 2010