middle school

      张露雯 15 岁


2.  LIU FANG, 17

      high school

      刘芳 17 岁



      middle school

      黄梅花  15岁


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words and music

by Vienna Teng


little child, be not afraid

though rain pounds harshly against the glass

like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger

I am here tonight


little child, be not afraid

though thunder explodes and lightning flash

illuminates your tear-stained face

I am here tonight


and someday you'll know

that nature is so

the same rain that draws you near me

falls on rivers and land

on forests and sand

makes the beautiful world that you'll see

in the morning


little child, be not afraid

though storm clouds mask your beloved moon

and its candlelight beams, still keep pleasant dreams

I am here tonight


little child, be not afraid

though wind makes creatures of our trees

and their branches to hands, they're not real, understand

and I am here tonight


for you know, once even I was a

little child, and I was afraid

but a gentle someone always came

to dry all my tears, trade sweet sleep for fears

and to give a kiss goodnight


well now I am grown

and these years have shown

that rain's a part of how life goes

but it's dark and it's late

so I'll hold you and wait

'til your frightened eyes do close


and I hope that you'll know...

everything's fine in the morning

the rain'll be gone in the morning

but I'll still be here in the morning

Lullaby for a Stormy

Video:   HandReach, our sister group's Children's Healing Initiative program video, produced before the earthquake.


Link:       http://blip.tv/file/281051



Lullaby for a Stormy Night 

by Vienna Teng

for lyrics click here

If you know of a

5-12 quake child

who needs help,

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